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Illumia’s aquashea delivers supreme hydration without heaviness, making it an ideal choice for combination and oily skin types. Formulated with a unique healing combination of Chaga mushroom, shea butter, and Vitamin B5, this aquashea cream increases hydration and provides comfort for dry, sensitive skin.

Our Chaga mushrooms are sourced and harvested from local white birch trees, retaining our goal of using natural and sustainable ingredients.

Offering hydration for multiple layers of the skin, illumia’s aquashea deposits moisture deep within the skin. With the benefit of botanical extracts, this aquashea cream will soften and smooth your skin, leaving it looking firm and plump.

Feel like you’ve been kissed by raindrops after experiencing the extreme hydration in illumia’s aquashea.

When to Apply

Apply all over, often and  especially immediately after bathing. 


distilled water, hyaluronic acid, panthenol (vitamin B5), glycerine, guar gum, mushroom polysaccharide, ritamulse (plant based emulsifier), cold-pressed grapeseed oil, raw shea, cetyl alcohol (plant derived from coconut oil), Geogard ECT, vitamin e oil, essential oils

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