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"Our philosophy at illumia is to keep it fresh and simple."

-Hedy Schneller, Founder

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How it all Started

Illumia was created by Hedy Schneller, a former healthcare provider and mother of two. Hedy started making skincare products after growing frustrated with the lack of transparency in the cosmetics industry. Following glowing reviews from family and friends, she decided to turn her simple skincare mission into a business. Navigating the skincare industry can be difficult; most commercial products contain synthetic ingredients that the average consumer is not familiar with. It is important to nourish your skin with products you could eat (although we wouldn’t recommend that). Skin is the front line of defense against sun damage, infection, and pollution, so why not treat it with the respect it deserves? 

We formulate our products by considering our patrons' feedback, meticulously researching ingredients, and ensuring their effectiveness through evidence-based research. We avoid fleeting trends and empty hype. Our focus is on our patrons' well-being and contentment. As artisanal producers, we hold a strong belief in nurturing genuine relationships with you, our valued patrons. We are here to assist you in every way possible.

  • What Illumia Is





    Small batch 

  • What Illumia Isn't


    Artificially fragranced


    Unpronounceable chemicals