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Fizzing Hand Cleanser

Fizzing Hand Cleanser

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Say goodbye to soap! Illumia's Fizzing Hand Cleanser is here to revolutionize your hand-washing routine. Designed to care for your hardworking hands, this powdered cleanser cleanses and moisturizes without the harshness of traditional soaps.

Gentle and Balanced: Our formula is pH balanced and free from sulfates, parabens, and silica, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleanse.

Simple Ingredients: Made from simple, natural ingredients, Illumia’s Fizzing Hand Cleanser is perfect for those who prioritize purity and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Embrace low-waste living with our innovative packaging. Each cleanser comes with a daisy jar top and a clay desiccant.

How To Use

1.Using your own regular mouth jar, fill it with the provided powder and desiccant.
2. Screw on the daisy top.
3. Pour a small amount of powder into one hand and gather some water in the other.
4. Rub your hands together as you would when washing with soap.
5. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy clean, moisturized hands.


Baking soda, citric acid, sunflower oil, cetyl alcohol, vit E, fragrance, magnesium stearate (dessicant)

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