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Birch Tar Salve

Birch Tar Salve

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For over 100 years, birch tar has been used to treat skin conditions. While pharmaceuticals advance in artificial ingredients for skin care, we decided to take this age-old remedy and apply its natural ingredients to our birch tar salve.

Collected from downed, white birch trees, the bark is stripped and then processed through a dry distillation method. Once the distillation is completed, we collect the tar which has a distinct bluish-green color.

Illumia birch tar salve was formulated to help treat and soothe chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Designed to target irritated and inflamed, sensitive skin, this salve will leave your skin feeling calmed, soft, and hydrated.

Birch tar, harmonized with Calendula oil, coffee distillate and other key ingredients, our birch tar salve will soothe, protect, and heal problematic skin.

Treat your skin with this therapeutic salve and love the way you feel!

When to Apply

Apply twice daily, to affected areas after bathing. Works well under makeup. Continue to use until skin is healed.


coffee, hydrosol, calendula-infused sunflower oil, citric acid, glycerine, birch bark tar oil, Ritamulse (plant-derived Ecocert emulsifying wax), clove oil, Geogard ECT

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